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Jil's Secret Stash

Every week check out new books and treasures!

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Sketches & Signatures

Signed and sketched by your favorite artists.

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Magic: The Gathering

Graded cards are here- more coming soon!

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Graded Comics

CGC Graded Slabs of your favorite heroes and villains

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Merrymac Games and Comics

We are a comic book, gaming, and collectibles store- started by comics fans, gamers, and collectors!

  • Comics

    Did you know we have exclusive art hung up in the shop? We also have exclusive art here regularly. We like art. We like supporting artists.

  • Games

    We run weekly Magic: The Gathering events, plus Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Smash Tournaments, and more! If you're local, details are on our Facebook.

  • Collectibles

    We end up with a little bit of everything. We like finding cool things.

  • Location

    We are located in Merrimack, NH- did you know Merrimack used to be spelled as Merrymac?